Writing Samples
I'm 28. In October, on my birthday, I fly to Iceland. Almost the entire week passes on the road along winding fjords through stormy wind, rain, and double rainbows.

Sigur Rós plays on repeat in the car.

In Reykjavik, I go to an old record store and buy two albums at once—all that was in stock.

Every time I hear Gong, I want to cry.
A subway pulls me and a couple of dozen other passengers to Incheon Airport.

Outside the window, there was nothing but a blurred picture. Everything merges into a yellow streak of light.

I yearn even before I've left the city. Spending a week in Seoul was enough to add another item to the list of countries-where-I-could-feel-happy.
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Digital Violence
MOMO Issue 5, January 2024

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