Choose the way to share your place with the community — and I'll make sure it's be beautiful.
€ 75 or an invitation to visit
Author's artistic review with publication in the ASMRiting project.

I will come to your place and spend an hour or two in observations and notes. I will post the finished review within 30 days on average. No prior approval.
Stay for a night or two
Author's artistic review with publication in the ASMRiting project.

I would be honoured if you would welcome me to your hotel for an experience I can write about. Just a few nights is enough to get a feel for the atmosphere and look around.

I usually also ask the manager to give me a short tour and ask a few questions to get a full picture of the uniqueness of your place.

Review will be ready within 15 days on average.
as agreed
Author's art review special + text rights + pont on the map.

Product-marketing approach to the artistic text. I'll get to know the founder or manager for quick meeting so we can talk about the values and plans of the business.

And then I'll write an extended atmospheric author's review within 10 days. You can take the rights to the text and use it anywhere you want. Publication in ASMRiting project by agreement.

+ I will share inspiring photos and videos in social networks as a matter of course.
€ 25
Your place forever on the author's online city/country map next door to other amazing projects I trust and recommend.

+ I'll pop round to take some inspiring photos for social media if you'd like to invite me over.
for free
Unique lot for local places by barter or as agreed. Just because I like to support classy projects.

Add you to the map? Share on social media? Write a review? Why not. Let's discuss what we can do together.
For 2024 left |so far
The quantity of each set is limited because writers need to live life sometimes too ✨
Natural gifted humble writer
[Mostly] solo traveller.

Autofiction bilingual author.

Editor in IT.